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Who is Behind
NEST Protocol

The NEST protocol is coordinated by the
NEST DAO and has the following organisation:

NEST Research Academy (NRA)

The NRA core is made up of practitioners from
academic and industrial institutions in Europe
and North America, with the goal of providing
technical and theoretical support for new
categories while also maintaining long-term
relationships with Vitalik, the Ether Foundation,
Coindesk, Consensus, and others.


NEST Influence Block (NIB)

The main goal of NIB is to spread the new concept,
category,and vision of NEST, provide the public
with narrative logic and communication basis,
and enhance the brand and influence of NEST,
which includes holding various media campaigns,
relationships with Vitalik, the Ether Foundation,
constructing Twitter, TikTok, Telegram, Discord,
and so on, as well as grant and ecological fund

NEST Developer Alliance (NDA)

NDA is in charge of the development of core
protocols and peripheral applications, as well
as the creation of developer communities,
such as future hackathons.

NEST Community

The NEST Community is primarily responsible
for the community's growth, the promotion of
consensus, and the promotion and management
of the coin-holding population, with the goal of
becoming the industry's largest distributed

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