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Notification some adjustments of NEST protocol contract

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NEST Protocol

Due to The Ethereum Merge and the acquisition of Huobi, we have made the following adjustments to the NEST protocol on ETH to offset its impact:

  1. Update the contract of NEST protocol

    • Adjust the block time to 12090 milliseconds, and the blocks per year to 2600000.
    • Adjust 3 field names in the structure of PriceSheet: remainNum to remainScales, ethNumBal to token0Scales, tokenNumBal to token1Scales. The meaning of the field does not change.
    • Add an interface for updating the channel token address: updateToken.
    • Delete 2 interfaces: totalETHRewards, donate.
  2. Adjust the amount of mining reward per block in No.0 quotation channel, from 24 to 20.

  3. Adjust the address in No.0 quotation channel, from HBTC to PBTC(0x102E6BBb1eBfe2305Ee6B9E9fd5547d0d39CE3B4).