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Hello everyone, I am Rohan Verma , the author of this story which is based on the sweet and spicy relation between Nest Protocol and myself. Firstly i would like to explain about the Nest whitepaper which will be followed by Understanding of the Nest Token , Its application and lastly will talk about the future of Nest Protocol. I have divided my story in Four parts for easy understanding of the points.

PART - 1

Stochastic are modeling forecasts that help people to make decisions and invest in financial products. the probability of various outcomes under different conditions, using random variables is the basic concepts behind Stochastic. In the financial services sector, planners, analysts, and portfolio managers use stochastic modeling to manage their assets and liabilities and optimize their portfolios. Probabilistic Virtual Machine (PVM) is a deflationary system. It acts as the virtual machine which is the bedrock of NEST entire operating structure. It is considered to be the part of Nest that runs execution and smart contract deployment. PVM is very useful in financial derivatives products. THE PVM follows the formula E(X)≥ EF(X). With the help of these functions i can surely tell that NEST is trying to solve the problem that ETH couldn't have done.


PART - 2

Majorly the price of any cryptocurrency is set by the ratio of the buyers and sellers but in nest the price is according to the game network which is an part of the Nest Mechanism.The games network is divided into three aspects: A. Offerer and Verifier B. Buyer and Seller C. Stochastic investor and the System


By using this the risk is shared among all token holders. In Offerer and Verifier, a price is offered to the Nest Oracle which is not equal to the market price and is arbitraged by the verifier. This helps tk maintain accuracy and verifiability of the provided information. The bidder are also awarded with nest token and so they become nest miners. Between the buyer and seller is same like buying and selling. Between the investor and buyer, the investor customize stochastic tokens to meet the risk requirements. The risk in holding nest for long term is very less as the supply is getting less day by day and so there will be limited supply.


USAGE of NEST TOKEN- 1.We can take part in Nest Application where we can open an future or options positions and earn money from it. 2. Participate in lottery system (WIN) and there also earn money. 3. Stake our Nest token with Attractive APR. 4. Mining of Nest token can be done.

PART - 3

Nest Protocol has many uses and some of its application like Future, Option, Swap and Win can be used by accessing its website ( banner

I have used the Nest Future trading and earned Profit from it. Its very simple to use and anyone can try it with any number of Nest token. To play Nest future we just need to select either long or short and then the leverage range and the amount of nest that we are planning to use. After this we need tk approve the transaction and our futures position is opened. I have also tried the Win game and lost there a couple of times but overall had a fun. To play Win game we need to select the probability range , the Bet amount. After approval of the transaction wait for the results and if we win it then we need to claim the reward and enjoy our profit. We can also use the Swap feature and swap our NEST token to USDT whenever needed. banner

Overall i really like the Win Game as it has a 90 percent probability of winning. Any newcomer can easily take part and win a lot of money from these games.

PART - 4

The Future of Nest Protocol is as bright as the SUN. With a Strong Backend Development team and a visionary leader Nest will surely be a Project that will be looked upon by several others. It has been a long time since i am with Nest Protocol and till date i have only seen the project rise and touch new heights. banner

In the coming weeks we can surely see Nest as an Market leader in Oracle and will definitely set an benchmark for all the other Oracle and PVM project. With the limited supply of NEST token I think that it would soon be under the eyes of institutions buyers and we could be going to the moon anytime soon. As we slowly move ahead i expect to see many more and unique Nest application which will change the way we see cryptocurrency.I would also personally like to see the ATH of NEST in the coming months.

My wishes are always there with Nest Protocol. LFG.❤️🚀