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NEST Protocol


There are several dominant genres of philosophy among the participants in the blockchain world. Different genres have different expectations and beliefs. Participants follow these genres and put various labels to distinguish them. Over time, people in the community will gradually be tainted with certain characteristics, so that the style of the genre is further strengthened and enhanced, and gradually set down.


The most important of these genres is the principlism, also called Crypto Native or fundamentalist. Crypto Natives believe that blockchain exists as a first concept, and there are some basic principles and logical laws that need to be adhered to. Especially when it comes to guiding innovation, it is more efficient to stick to thinking and pursuing the essence than to blindly change.


Crypto Natives emphasizes logic, rationality, and atomistic analysis of blockchain, such as the various terms heard for computation, storage, and communication, as well as game equilibrium, mechanism design, such as incentive compatibility, and formal verification, zero-knowledge proof, degree of consensus, anti-attack cost, network effect, and so on. These basic concepts constitute the starting point of the Crypto Natives. For the Crypto Natives, concepts that are not clearly defined, conclusions that cannot be returned to their underlying concepts, and judgment criteria that cannot be quantified are the result of incomplete cognition. Therefore, they are characterized by strong theoretical and logical rigor, and is concerned with the evidence of the model rather than the integration of the patchwork.


In terms of originality, this genre is most likely to drive the innovation of blockchain, and eventually promote the improvement of industry-wide awareness. The drawback of this genre is also obvious, that there is often a large information threshold in terms of the design and presentation, therefore, it takes more time for the average person to fully understand them. Some of them are even paradigm revolutionary, which leads to less recognition at the beginning, many people will find them too abstract, too deep, or too theoretical, lacking some concrete description and highly communicative presentation. When the degree of innovation is too great, it is easy to be misunderstood or included in some negative setting. For example, when BTC was spread in China at first, it was easy to be regarded as something like postage cards.


Crypto Natives represent a certain underlying belief in the blockchain world: the defenders of decentralization. Sometimes it is difficult to grasp the scale of this faith, because of, on the one hand, the insistence on decentralization, and on the other hand, the temptation of user experience. However, these basic principles build the boundary between blockchain and traditional Internet. It can be said that if one day the blockchain world can rise up with a clear flag, only they can carry this flag. They are the 0 to 1 creators of the blockchain world and are the prime movers of the revolution. BTC, ETH and NEST are the typical examples of Crypto Natives.