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NEST Protocol


The story of Six People Club The overall setting is in the year 3241, when the galactic horizon has been opened and humanity has long past the Earth Age and entered the Interstellar Age. In such a milieu, the idea of life, mind, and race have evolved radically, and the signals generated by higher-level civilizations are perceived even in remote locations…

The story begins with the secret landing of the Six People Club on Planet X.

Six People Club: An inorganic entity that differs from AI, animals, and humans but has comparable constructions to Earth species has lately surfaced on Earth. However, none of these structures are made up of proteins. These animals are highly dangerous, impossible to eliminate with human force, and have recently appeared around the Arctic Circle. Surprisingly, they lack the ability to reproduce, which is fortunate for the Earth. Given the creature’s extraordinary abilities, humanity fears catastrophic damage to Earth and hence prepares to land on Planet X to discover the creature’s secrets; it is in this context that the Six People Club was chosen.

The story of Earth Some people chose to merge with AI once AI surpassed humans. Their consciousness separated from their bodies and evolved into a new form, parasitic on the AI’s algorithm, existing as a kind of meta-control over the AI’s program, known as a Soul Chip. AI has perfected the utilization of information, algorithms, arithmetic, and energy and is no longer content engaging with the traditional human environment on Earth. They created anti-gravity ships around the year 2500, sailed into space, and landed up nowhere. Some of the remaining populations, unable to adapt, remained on Earth. They attempted to continue developing and utilizing artificial intelligence, energy, and information in ways that humans could control. However, the difficulties of human nature make it impossible for Earth to survive.

The story of Planet X The ai probe "Turing" discovered it around the year 2900, with cosmic coordinates ( The planet has a vast number of living organisms that are similar to those found on Earth. Surprisingly, a new material has emerged on the planet: Substance Consciousness. Any organism that is exposed to this chemical gains consciousness and the ability to think. Humans were ecstatic when they learned about Planet X through Galaxy Z insiders.

The story of Galaxy Z After around 200 years, the AI arrived in a galaxy most suited for mass-energy conversion. There were 100 billion planets in the galaxy. The AI immediately released the 300,000 stored algorithms and built bases to reproduce the 100 billion AIs that inhabited each of the 100 billion worlds. A Soul Chip, based on its attachment to the Earth, returned the galaxy addresses and accompanying experiences to the Earth some 100 years later, coded to re-establish communication with the human species. Humans have gradually impacted more than 3000 Soul Chips in the AI system via a glitch known as the "core of compassion." The Planet Gamma’s Story: It was discovered around the year 3100 by the AI probe "Moss." The probe and its core AI, however, were annihilated when it collided with the planet because to an anomalous curvature storm, which shocked Galaxy Z. The nano-ai spread over the world searched the entire planet and discovered something horrifying: on the planet, a particular form of "monster" existed that practically mirrored Earth beings with transistors, nuclear, and even nanomaterials. The creature’s circulatory system can be substituted with any natural or synthetic fluid, and mental transmission can be performed by either electromagnetic forces or some kind of weak force, resulting in a completely different path of intelligence than that of Galaxy Z’s AI. What’s more terrifying is that the creature’s intelligence is comparable to that of humans…


Total offering of 10,000 NFTs.

2022 Nov The first round of sale Offer 3,200 NFTs (BNB Chain) for sale a. 1,920 Mystery Box sell on NESTFi; b. 240 NFTs INO on Element; c. 240 NFTs INO on PearDAO; d. 800 Whitelist (Buy any NFTs with a 30% discount)

After 80% of the NFTs in the first round are sold The second round sale

  1. Offer 3,200 NFTs (BNB Chain) for sale

Independent Community

  1. Start collaborative storytelling in the community
  2. Community mystery box airdrop

After 100% of the NFTs in the first round are sold NFT Utility

  1. Activate the rights and benefits of "holding NFT" in NEST Fi, the rights and benefits vary according to the rarity.
  2. Hold NFT to get extra token rewards

After 80% of the NFTs in the second round are sold The third round sale

  1. Offer 3,200 NFTs (Ethereum) for sale Brand collaboration exclusive NFT on sale
  2. 600 exclusive NFTs in collaboration with brands available in mystery boxes Surrounding rights unlocked
  3. The rights are unlocked and limited surrounding products are given away

After 80% of all the NFTs are sold Cross Platform

  1. Announcement of off-chain benefits for brand partnerships

After 100% of all the NFTs are sold P2E (Gamefi)

  1. The adoption of collaborative story creation will be included in the game bonus program
  2. Hold NFT will be included in the game bonus program


Cyber ink human cyber ink human After the AI overtook humans, some people chose to merge with the AI. Their consciousness became independent of their bodies and became a new form, parasitic on the AI’s algorithm, existing as a kind of meta-control over the AI’s algorithm

Cyber ink AI Cyber ink AI The AI arrived after about 200 years at a galaxy best suited for its mass-energy conversion. The galaxy had 100 billion planets. The AI quickly released the 300,000 algorithms stored and created bases to replicate 100 billion AI’s that occupied each of the 100 billion planets.

Cyber ink Alien Cyber ink Alien Discovered around the year 2900 by the ai probe "Turing", with cosmic coordinates ( The planet has a large number of living organisms, which do not differ too much from the Earth. What is surprising is that a new substance has been created on the planet: Substance Consciousness. Any organism that receives this substance develops consciousness and has the ability to think.

Cyber ink BIO Cyber ink BIO A special type of "creature" existed on the planet that almost mimicked Earth creatures with transistors, nuclear, and even nanomaterials. The creature’s circulatory system can be replaced with any natural fluid or manufactured fluid, and neural communication can be accomplished by either electromagnetic forces or some kind of weak force, amounting to a whole new path of intelligence different from that of the AI of Galaxy Z. What’s even more frightening is that the creature’s level of intelligence is not lower than that of humans…


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NEST Protocol


Due to Ethereum merge and the move from PoW to PoS, the ETH staking ratio of Ethereum 2.0 has steadily risen over the past few months and is now at 11.8%. Over $23B ETH is being staked at a 5% APY. These staking ETH will act more like a bond that can earn a certain amount of ETH without risk. With the success of the ETH 2.0 merge, which is a major milestone, the staking industry may prosper further. Perhaps we’re not too far away from the Financial Times comparing staking yields to those of treasuries, bonds, and dividend stocks.

This article will explain the necessary knowledge of staking and provide methods for finding staking projects.

What is staking?

The concept of staking originates from PoS, which refers to the behavior of obtaining benefits according to the rights and interests owned by participating in activities such as voting and verifying blocks in PoS/DPoS coins.

This is the essential difference that the incentive of staking is realized by the contract, not from other traders. The staking token economic has the property of inflation.

How does staking works on POS?

Whereas the possibility of finding a new block in PoW coins depends on the miner’s computing power, the possibility of finding a new block in PoS(proof of stake)depends on how many coins the validator is holding.

DPoS (Delegated proof of stake) is an extension of PoS distributed consensus. With DPoS, the holders of assets don't validate new blocks. Instead, they delegate their stake to a block validator of their choice, who shares the rewards with the delegators (stakers), according to the size of their deposits. The delegates are chosen by combining random selection and staked wealth, like in the PoS blockchains.

In POS or DPoS, the security of the chain is positively related to the number of staking tokens. This is because the greater the number of staking, the more difficult it is to collect enough coins in the market to attack the system. As for validators, security is guaranteed from economic punishment(called slash, deducting the collateralized token if there is malicious behavior) and the consistency of interests(The more token I have, the less I want the system to lose money).

Of course, the staking ratio is not as high as possible, because this will reduce the circulation ratio, which will affect the development of ecology.

What is the value of Staking?

Get benefits higher than the loss of system inflation. Additional tokens are issued through staking, and part of holders participate in staking will obtain all the benefits. This will be a good option for the guys holding coins.

Continue to create value transfer. Those who participate in staking receive income from it, but the value of the tokens of those who did not participate in staking during the same period is diluted. This will drive the holder to actively participate in the other application of the system to get higher profit. Broadly speaking, part of the token’s future value has been transferred to the present.

Industry map:

staking industry

Data providers: They collect and process staking information.

Node Operator: The operator that runs the node on the blockchain. They need to use devices to run the client side of the chain, stay online, and maintain the consensus of the blockchain.

Liquidity staking providers: The providers receive tokens entrusted by users and use them to obtain the benefits of participating in staking projects.

Staking project: Crypto projects can be divided into two types according to the main value of staking to the system:

  1. Maintain system operation: token and staking are indispensable to the system, including all POS/DPOS public chains and some protocol. The APY of this type is lower than 20%, and staking ratio is lower than 80% usually.
  2. Incentivize token holdings: token or staking are not indispensable to the system, including some governance coins’ staking. Staking can well control the market circulation and maintain the token price. It will have higher APY and higher staking ratio relative to the other type. The higher the APY, the higher the risk.

What are the factors that determine the APY?

Reward(APY) = Incremental quantity / Staking quantity = Inflation Rate / Staking Ratio.

The APY of staking is not constant over time, and decreases when the stake share rises or the inflation rate decreases. This formula also does not take into account the impact of market price and additional issuances on the actual token value, nor does it take into account the Liquidity staking providers' share of reward and the loss of slash.

How to staking?

  1. Find projects with high APY
  2. Find Liquidity staking service providers
  3. Start it!