the decentralized
financial market
based on OMM

NEST Fi (NEST Financial Market)
provides futures and options
with infinite liquidity now.

What is OMM?

From P2P to OMM,
a new settlement paradigm

OMM(Omnipotent Market Maker) is
a new trading and settlement paradigm:
everyone trades and settles
stochastic assets with NEST system
rather than individuals.

First constraint:

c(X) ≥ E(X)
The production cost of stochastic asset
is not less than the expected
value of this stochastic asset

Second constraint:

E(X) ≥ E(F(X))
The expected value of the
programmed stochastic asset
will be not higher than its cost.

What does OMM solve?

Valid Settlement

ETH cannot make valid settlement for
all transactions; however, OMM can
settle all transactions.

Market Clearing

OMM can structure atomic
liquidation, which means that all
excess return can be cleared.

Infinite Liquidity

The liquidity will not be limited
by the LP’s pool size, theoretically
OMM can provide infinite liquidity

NEST FI - Futures

Trade BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT futures directly
from your wallet without trading fee

NEST FI - Options

Buy options with flexible choices on exercise date,
direction and strike price, and no commission

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Buy futures, options and win NEST


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